10 beneficial foods for your oral hygiene!

10 beneficial foods for your oral hygiene!

Eating is one of the major pleasures of life. The best thing is that you can combine this pleasure with health. Here are 10 products that every dentist will recommend you to eat while trying to make the teeth healthy and beautiful.

Celery/carrot. Vegetables that need some effort when chewing have dual benefits for our oral health. First of all, chewing improves the production of saliva that neutralize acids produced by bacteria and causing tooth decay. Secondly, such food massages gums and improves the blood circulation and health.

Cheese. This product is rich in calcium and phosphate, so it not only helps to normalize the pH of your mouth, but also improves the enamel and will strengthen the teeth.

Green tea. Because of the catechins, the basic feature of this drink is to kill pathogenic bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath.

Kiwi. This fruit is a great source of vitamin C (one kiwi has more than a required daily dose). Vitamin C is known to be linked to the production of collagen, which is needed for our gums – a sufficient amount of vitamin C helps to make them firm and improves their resistance to infection.

Onions. These vegetables have lots of antibacterial substances, easily capable to kill, for example, bacteria causing tooth decay.

Parsley / mint. Chewing parsley or mint reduces the bad breath because they of monoterpene which they contain.

Sesame seeds. Chewing sesame seeds effectively cleans the teeth and makes them brighter. Also containing calcium, they will make the mineralization of enamel better.

Mushrooms (shiitake). These mushrooms have sugars preventing bacteria that cause the formation of plaque.

Wasabi. This is a spice commonly used in Japan and inhibiting the bacterial growth.

WATER. The best protection against bacteria and their acids is produced by our saliva and intensity of their production is determined by water. Besides, if there is no possibility to clean your teeth after the meal, flushing them with water can be a good option.


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