10 easy tips to lose weight

10 easy tips to lose weight

1. Take before and after pictures. No matter how much you don’t like the way you look before deciding to lose weight, seeing yourself with extra kilos is a great motivation to lose weight. When you illustrate the process of losing weight you will get yourself motivated as you will definitelly like the result after you get rid of extra weight.

2. Tell your family or friends about it. Never do this alone. Talking to the ones you care about and asking their support will help you a lot as you will not want to dissappont them and fight for your goal even harder. The ability of sharing happines when you reach your little achievements will give you more motivation as well.  

3. Set realistic goals. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. If you decide to lose 10 kilos  in 10 days you will not only destroy your health but, most importantly, losing weight will become a nightmare for you and you will only want to “wake up” and continue living your life in an old way. Think of small goals before achieving the main big one.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.  Every person is different so you have to find what works for you. Two people having the same weight will never lose weight at the same rate during the same period of time even if they eat and exercise idetically. Don’t be disappointed if another person loses weight quicker than you. Little by little you will reach your goal as well. All you need is willingness and strong wish to go after your goal.

5. Women and men differ. It is scientifically proved that men lose weight quicker than women. Basically, it’s because women have more fat in their bodies. If you decided to lose weight together with someone of different gender, set different goals.

6. Sleep. In order to be able to burn the calories your body has to rest properly. Remember that if you sleep less the 6 hours you can even gain weight instead of losing it even if you are on a strick diet.

7.Eat slowly. The speed of time makes us do everything in a hurry. However, if you decide to lose some weight you will have to find enough time for eating. The feeling of satiety usually needs time to come. Try eating just a half of the food in your plate, wait for 10 minutes and see if you still want it. If so, eat another half and wait again.

8. Walk. Walking can do miracles in burning calories. If you don’t have time for going to gym at least try to walk as much as possible. All of us like comfort but please leave your car sometimes and walk instead, if the place you have to go to is accesible by foot.

9. Drink water. Did you know that most of your body consists of water? Many people often confuse hunger with thirst. If you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water, wait for couple of minutes and eat something only if you still feel hungry.

10. Consume less sugar.  Sugar is one of the essential things that must be limited in order to lose weight. If you feel a need of sweets try to replace sugary things with fruits. Fruits are sweet as well and have lots of vitamis while sugar has nothing in common with health.


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