10 ways to overcome insomnia

10 ways to overcome insomnia

Cannot sleep at night again? Or maybe you have a baby that doesn’t let you sleep? Are you tired ater work but still cannot sleep? Lack of sleep has recently become one of the main health problems and not everyone is able to sleep for 8 hours.

8 hours of sleep are essential if you don’t want to feel tired and irritated. Good rest boosts your immune system and resistance to diseases. Here are a few tips to make you sleep better:

1. Don’t sleep during the day. It may misbalance you. If you want to rest during the day, never sleep longer than 30 minutes.

2. Follow your day routine. Go to sleep at the same time. It’s quite a difficult task for weekends, but at least do it during business days.

3. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat heavy food and avoid caffeine before going to sleep.

4. In order to enjoy your sleep, your bed should be completely confortable, don’t have too many things in your bedroom. If you can paint your bedroom in pastel colors.

5. According to Feng Shui, you shouldn’t sleep pointing your door with your feet because it means that you will never want to stay at home.

6. Try to protect your sleeping area from the light as it may wake you up.

7. Crystals help to sleep. Amethyst and moonstone absorb stress so they are great if you want to sleep better. Keep such crystals near your bed or under your pillow.

8. Try aromatherapy before bedtime. The best scents to make you relax are lavender and chamomile. They are fighting against stress and fatigue. Therefore, one hour before going to sleep burn incense.

9. Proper breathing is also very important. A good way to learn that is yoga. Relax before going to sleep. Sit down in a comfortable position, breathe in and breathe out deeply for a few times.

10. Ask your partner to do a massage for you. Use some olive oil or lavender essential oil.



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