15 ways of stress management

15 ways of stress management

You don’t have enough time to finish your work. You are waiting for a meeting with your boss or you are going to say the speech in public. In short, you find yourself extremely nervous and you definitely need some help. Here are some ways you can help yourself to calm down:

1. Relax. Spend at least ten minutes alone. Pull the curtains, lie down on the bed and start slowly counting to ten. Then make a pause and concentrate your thoughts on your feet trying to maximize the stress of your feet muscles. Move from the bottom to top until you come to a head.

2. Stretch. Trying to completely relax, force your muscles to work in the beginning. Take a deep breath, stretch your feet and knees and then relax. If you felt comfortable warmth through your legs, you did everything correctly. Do the same with your stomach, shoulders and neck.

3. Wrinkles. When you are feeling worried, try take a glance at yourself from aside: wrinkles in the forehead, knitted eyebrows, clenched teeth and hands squeezed into fists. All this is not your intention. This clear consequence of the stress can be eliminated quite simply – just smooth your forehead, lower your chin down and lift the lip corners up.

4. Breathing. When we are suffering from stress, breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Try to slow down its rhythm by taking a deep breath and imagining that you are blowing up a balloon. Think about its color or whether it is big or small. Breathe again and imagine how you let the balloon fly in the sky with your own thoughts and stress.

5. Music. When you can’t stop the pressure, listen to your favorite classical music or bird song recordings.

6. Memories. Look at these photos with the most valuable moments captured.

7. Water. Fill the bathroom with warm water, add some few drops of lavender or rose oil and dive in. Then wash your hair and imagine that water will remove all your anxiety. You can also try sitting silently in the sauna and then diving into a cold swimming pool. This will give great shake for your body and soul.

8. Pillow. If you exhausted by emotional stress – let it out! Scream, beat the pillow, tear the papers into pieces.

9. Shout. But don’t do this on your closest people. Just go somewhere into the woods and imagine that you need to invite anyone who is very far from you.

10. Speak. Name your feelings and say it out loud. Try to formulate your fears to realize that a solution exists.

11. Move. Jogging, fast walking, bike riding or other physical activity will help you to divert attention from your problems.

12. Herbs. Try an old remedy – angelica root. Take 2 teaspoons of it and pour over the boiling water. Drink this tea after waiting for some minutes.

13. Cleaning. Clean the house, assort your clothes, tidy up the cabinets or drawers. Once you make the rooms clean and get rid of unnecessary items, your mood will be raised up.

14. Laugh. Watch a good comedy and go deep into the problems of the film heroes. If they have such, film heroes solve their problems with humor – “steal” this idea from them.

15. Sleep. Morning is smarter than evening, so have a good rest to make the best decision in the morning.


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