4 facts about sprouted seeds

4 facts about sprouted seeds

New plant’s life begins from the shoot. It is therefore not surprising that nature rewarded them with enormous power – they tend to collect huge quantities of vitamins and minerals. For example, there are four times more folic acids in sprouted wheat than in grains. Here are some interesting facts about the sprouts.

1. Various sprouts are rich in fatty acids, fats and proteins. Sprouted wheat is rich in vitamin E, which can be called the vitamin of beauty. Besides, you can find vitamin B9 (folic acid), which is responsible for blood circulation and immunity of the human. That’s why sprouted wheat is especially recommended for older women (over 45 years).

2. Today you can buy ready-made sprouts in stores and that’s really convenient. However, just before you buy them, look at the grains closely – they must be intact, have no stains, and not over dry or over wet. A small bowl of these sprouts can fully replace your traditional lunch. After eating sprouts, you should avoid drinking or eating something else – let the body to fully absorb the minerals of this beneficial product.

3. Eat the sprouts together with your favorite fruit and vegetable salads. You can also make the flour from the sprouted wheat after drying it. The value of this powder can be used be adding them to your favorite cocktails and smoothies. Besides, you can enrich your porridge, various salads or any other food with this flour. Try to make a mixture from oatmeal, your favorite nuts, fresh or dried fruits and sprouted wheat in order to make the most useful breakfast.

4. Besides, it’s really easy to germinate seeds at home. Start with the wheat. Rinse the grain under running water, then put it in a sieve and pour a glass of water. Remove all the debris you see on the surface. Refill with water, but do not soak grains in water. Then keep your grain in the dark place. Water should be changed three times a day. After a couple of days, grains will start germinating. Wash them again and enjoy!


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