4 habits that affect your waistline

4 habits that affect your waistline

It has been scientifically proven. Some of your habits can badly affect your waistline in a much worse way than some ice cream with caramel or chocolate.

1. No exercising. Yes, we all know that people who work out look skinnier. Even if you don’t want to spend hours in a gym, you should remember that active lifestyle and regular exercising is the most effective way to prevent weight gain.

2. Too much or too little sleep. That is a bit confusing, isn’t it? However, too much or too little sleep is not good for your beauty. People who sleep less than 6 hours and the ones sleeping for more than 8 hours usually gain more weight. Too little sleep usually means eating more actively during the day. If you sleep for too long, usually it means that your sleep is of poor quality so although you sleep long, you don’t rest and feel tired during the day.

3. Time you spend in front of the TV. Not active lifestyle usually is related to watching TV for long hours lying on the sofa. Scientists of Harvard have proved that too much time spent in front of TV gives you one extra pound in 4 years. Don’t forget that usually watching TV is accompanied by snacking.

4. Alcohol. People, who drink alcohol, gain one extra pound in one year. This happens regardless other factors. Why? First of all – alcohol itself contains lots of calories. Besides, it affects the food you eat. Once you have a drink or two, you will reach for snacks, your appetite will increase considerably.



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