4 incredible reasons of headache

4 incredible reasons of headache

1. Perfume. Strong fragrances can activate nerve cells in the nose, which in turn electrifies nervous system, and this leads to headache. Ironically we often have headache because of pleasant and appealing fragrances. If you think that your perfume is the cause of the pain first of all replace it. Headaches caused by perfumes can effectively be treated with aspirin or acetaminophen. Avoid caffeine products as they can only worsen the situation.

2. Weather. Scientific studies have shown that people who are prone to headaches, sensitive to high pressures, rising air temperatures, high humidity, cloud cover, and even lightning. It is believed that meteorological changes caused by chemical and electrical changes in the brain irritate the nerves and can cause even the most severe headaches. This kind of pain is effectively relieved with cold compresses.

3. Earrings, hair bands and hairstyles. Group of muscles located underneath your scalp doesn’t have pain fibers but the connective tissue has. “Hairstyling” pain occurs when tightly bound or stapled hair starts to tease the tissue below the skin. Similarly, the pain can be caused by too tight headgear (e.g. bonnet or hat), hair bands, and heavy earrings.

4. Hunger. Healthy lifestyle recommends eating often but little by little. This mode allows you to keep more or less the same blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, dieting, fasting, or simply stressful job that makes forget lunch – all of which can lead to sudden sugar level drops, which provokes headache. So if you are feeling hungry and you often have a headache, follow this rules: first – a good and healthy food and sweets – after that.



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