4 surprising diet and exercise myths

4 surprising diet and exercise myths

There are numerous diet-related myths that lead people to overweight. Believe this or not, here are the most surprising misconceptions that will never help you to reach your goals:

1. A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat.

Whether it’s muscle or fat, a pound is a pound. However, you should keep in mind that muscle is denser than fat, so two people, who weigh the same, can easily look different – the one who has more muscle will look firmer, smaller and fit. Besides, muscle mass leads to the metabolism boost what guarantees an optimal calorie burn rate all day long.

2. Working out every day lets you eat whatever you want.

Keep in mind that working out religiously is not a ticket to eat as much as you want if you want to lose weight. Even though you should be congratulated for your efforts, it’s often not as much as you think and your workout can be easily forgotten if you grant yourself with an extra slice of pizza. To get rid of some weight, eat 300 fewer calories each day.

3. All calories are equal.

It’s an old myth that no matter if you get 300 calories from apples or pie, your body will burn or store the same amount. However, according to new research, foods are not equal when it comes to weight loss. Nutritionists claim that some foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains or lean meat, take more work to burn calories. The fiber and protein in such foods will lead you to slimmer waistline and weight drop.

4. Fat foods makes you fat.

That’s an absolute myth because getting enough fat in your diet has been announced to be essential thing for a good health. However, pay attention to the fat type! Olives, nuts, and avocados are the most valuable ones because they give monosaturated fats (healthy ones). If you want some prove, you should know that without changing calorie intake but enriching it with monosaturated fats helped people lose weight and reduce belly fat.


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