4 the most popular questions for nutritionists

4 the most popular questions for nutritionists

When you can safely indulge yourself with sweets?

In fact, 4 PM is the time when you should stop yourself from eating anything you want. In the first half of the day, from 10 AM to 1 PM the pancreas is actively working so it is prepared to work with the sugary products having high-glycemic index. So, what’s going on? That’s very simple – when sugar levers rise, the pancreas releases more insulin. If your weight is normal, you can allow yourself eating sweets. However, when trying to get rid of some weight, keep in mind that sugar affects your appetite, so, in this case, you should stop eating sweets before 4 PM. By the way, sweets category also includes fruits, honey and sugar.

Is it possible to get rid of some weight when eating chocolate?

Definitely. People are allowed to eat 150 grams of dark chocolate every day. However, you should understand that if chocolate has not only sugar but fats as well, so you may gain even more weight because of it. If you want to eat some chocolate, choose the dark one and forget starving. We need to get 600-800 calories per day to provide the basic processes of metabolism, respiration, blood circulation, all systems work, so try to  get at least 1000 calories per day in order to avoid health problems.

Some people suffer from the constant dreaming about food. Why is that so?

The point is that they may misunderstand what exactly is the appetite and what emotions provoke it. Our behavior is often connected to our psychological state of mind and negative feelings may push us into thinking about the food. So, try writing down everything you eat and how do you feel on that moment in order to understand when you are trying to ‘eat’ your emotions.

How much water should I drink daily?

After 7 PM in the afternoon our lymphatic system start working poorly and some hours later it slows down until the morning, so everything you drink after 7 pm shows on your face. Therefore, we all need to drink 2 liters of water at least.


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