5 causes of cramps

5 causes of cramps

As soon as we hear the word “cramps”, we already know what kind of feeling it means.However, contrary to popular belief that this is not a disease but a symptom indicating that there is something wrong with your leg muscle, cramps is spasms of particular group of muscles or severe increase of their sensitivity.

Spazms cause by cramps don’t take very long but cause much discomfort. In most of the cases, this illness occurs at night. However, that does not mean that you can be safe from cramps in the time of the day. So, what exactly causes cramps? How you can be sure you are not in a risk group? Here are the most popular fators that lead people to this unwanted symptom:

Passive lifestyle. If you spend your day sitting at the computer or TV all day long, you are likely that your body will ask you to pay for that. The most harmful habit is sitting with legs crossed because that  will disrupt blood flow.

* Cold water. Cramps can appear when swimming in cold water – in this case, it does not contain any signs of disease. However, if you notice that your feet tends to do that, take all precautions to avoid unwanted consequences (for example, think about swimming only in a group of people).

* Deficiency of trace elements. If your body lacks sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, you should include into your daily menu rye bread, sprouted wheat and other products that are rich in these elements.

* Vitamin D and Vitamin E deficiency. You can receive these vitamins from the wheat germ, cedar or flax seed oil.

* Circulatory disorders. This point is closely related to physical activity because blood flow is highly dependent on how much we move. If you find that you feel discomfort in your legs or veins, you should start massaging your feet every day with natural oils.


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