5 myths about breast cancer

5 myths about breast cancer

There are tons of information on the Internet about breast cancer. However, you should know that some of the information you read does not correspond to reality. Here are 5 the most popular myths about breast cancer.

1. Only women can develop breast cancer. It is not true! In fact, men can develop breast cancer too and all the symptoms are very similar to those of women. However, there are much more women having breast cancer than men.

2. Breast cancer is related to genes. It is not true! If your relatives had breast cancer, you should of course check your health more regularly. However, studies have shown that only one fifth of all women who have breast cancer have relatives suffering from this disease too.

3. If there is a tumor, you will definitely have cancer. It is not true! It should be emphasized that a tumor and cancer are considered to be the same disease, but they have many forms. There are a certain number of women who are prone to tumors in mammary glands. However, it does not mean that they will definitely develop cancer.

4. Contraceptive pills increase the risk of developing breast cancer. It is not true! Modern contraceptive pills are significantly different from the previous ones. They have far less hormones and they are completely suitable for women.

5. Breast cancer always leads to excising a breast. It is not true! Breast is excised only if cancer stage is quite difficult. However, today cancer can be diagnosed at the very early stage and it can be treated.



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