5 myths about sweets

5 myths about sweets

The best things in our life are “sweet” sleep, smells, kisses and of course sweets. Here are some myths that you need to know if you are sweets lover.

1. Sweets are good for your brains. A piece of chocolate is always good in the middle of the day. Our brain needs glucose and it is very sensitive to the lack of it. however, it is naïve to think that quantity is better than quality. Too many sweets can even make you sleepy and disturb your work.

2. Sugar is the vitamin of joy. Doctors even call sugar – white death. Did you know that 3 teaspoons of sugar in your tea reduces the stores of vitamin B1 in your body. The lack of this vitamin leads to depression, fatigue and muscle weakness.

3. Sweeteners can help to lose weight. Although artificial sweeteners practically don’t have calories there are proves that they destroys our immunity. Most of them contain aspartame which is thought to be cancerogenic.

4. Chocolate is tasty but it is not useful at all. Just make sure you eat dark chocolate. 100 grams of chocolate improves cardiovascular activity and protects blood vessels from free radicals. Once again remember that quality is more important than quantity.

5. Chocolate causes constipation. If you eat only chocolate, that is true, it can cause constipation. However, if you include chocolate to a good diet, you will only have benefits.



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