5 rules for an active day

5 rules for an active day

All of us sometimes feel tired. It would be amazing, if every time we feel this way we could go on vacation. However, this is just a dream that cannot always come true. We offer to lear 5 rules that will help you to stay fresh, active and be happy.

1. Sleep. It is very clear that we all have to sleep well. Constant lack of sleep slows down all processes in our body and we feel tired. Some people try to compensate a lack of sleep on weekend however this is not right. This way our body doesn’t know what is the time to sleep and it becomes even more difficult for us. Basically, we need 6-8 hours of sleep every night (men need less than women). So you have to go to sleep at a time that you would be able to get 6-8 hours of sleep ever night. If after a week of such regime, you still cannot wake up without your alarm clock, add another 5-10 minutes. If after two more weeks you still cannot wake up, add 5-10 minutes more. This way you will find out what it the right amount of hours for you to sleep and feel much better every day.

Exercising. Once again this depends on your health and personal needs. Some of us may be satisfied with just walking outside for a while, others – will need few hours in a gym. The most important is to find your own system and stick to it every day. Regular exercising reduces stress and lets you feel fresher. It is really important to be active daily. It’s much better exercising 30 minutes every day than spending hours in a gym once per week.

Proper nutrition. It is not only important to eat healthy food, but also to eat regularly in order to speed up your metabolism and ensure you always have energy. Remember that you can eat everything you want, but not bigger portion than your palm.

No smoking. Smokers say that they feel a boost of power after smoking a cigarette. Actually, this is quite natural because after smoking additional blood goes to your brain. However, this effect is very short. Later blood hemoglobin reacts with carbon monoxide and it cannot connect oxygen. Basically, your body starts suffocating because of lack of oxygen and this way you lose your energy.


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