5 symptoms of type 2 diabetes

5 symptoms of type 2 diabetes


Do you think that the only symptom of diabetes is thirst? It is not always the case. You have to learn how to recognize these symptoms and check your blood sugar level.

You don’t like sports? You eat far too much? These too factors create excellent conditions for developing type 2 diabetes. This disease keeps attacking more and more people – both adults and children. Should you consult your doctor about it? You should definitely do it if any of your family members had diabetes or if you noticed any of these symptoms.

1. Obesity. Even if you are slightly overweight, you have a risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The good news are the losing weight to normal, considerably reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

2. You are constantly going to the toilet. If you body produces too little insulin (a hormone that transfers glucose cells and provides energy this way), glucose starts accumulating in the blood and passes to urine, that is why you start going to the toilet more frequently and then you constantly feel thirsty.

3. Your vision became blurred. High sugar level in the blood creates conditions for glucose to accumulate in crystalline lens. For this reason, it becomes difficult to focus images and your vision becomes blurred.

4. You lose weight without a reason. Typically, this is the symptom of type 1 diabetes, but sometimes it occurs for type 2 diabetes too. When your body does not produce insulin, glucose from the food cannot be used to produce energy. Burning fat becomes faster and you can lose weight.

5. A dark ring appears around your neck. This can happen because skin receptors start producing too much pigment.


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