5 things that badly damages your teeth

5 things that badly damages your teeth

Some bad habits can badly damage your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, even knowing this we cannot always give them up. Habits can be very strong. However, it is worth changing them if you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth.

1. Dentists say that we mostly damage our teeth if we use them improperly. Probably you also tried to “cut” a tag from your clothes using your teeth and similar things. Such habits can badly harm your teeth especially if you do it constantly. Your teeth are crumbling every time you use them for such purposes. Besides, you can get lots of bacteria to your mouth this way which will not only damage your teeth but your entire body.

2. We cannot control ourselves when we are sleeping and the truth is that many of us gnash their teeth when sleeping. Usually this is a result of stress or bad dentition. Over time, this causes pain, jaw deformations, periodontitis and other problems. Therefore, you should consult your dentist and ask what to do about it.

3. Many of us have a habit to use a toothpick after eating. Unfortunately, this can damage your teeth and gums. If you want to clean your teeth after eating use a dental floss.

4. Smoking is another thing that damages your teeth and entire body. First of all, it makes your teeth look dirty. Besides, smokers have more problems with tooth decay as smoking accelerates its spread in several times.

5. Although many people think that hard toothbrush bristles remove plaque better, it actually depends on how we are brushing our teeth. Hard bristles are vulnerable to your gums. Besides, such toothbrushes are less flexible so they do not clean spaces between teeth that well.



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