5 tips for people with heart diseases

5 tips for people with heart diseases

People with heart diseases should not only take medications prescribed by doctor but also change their lifestyle and pay more attention to their nutrition. They should avoid some products and include more healthy products to their diets. Here are 5 tips related to nutrition:

1. Limit consumption of salt. This product keeps fluids in your body and this makes your heart work more difficult. You can add some other spices to your dishes instead of salt. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.

2. Be very careful fat foods of animal origin, for example, fat pork meat, butter, pates. You shouldn’t eat too many eggs and mayonnaise. The best replacement for the latter is olive oil. It will protect you blood vessels from cholesterol.

3. You should also use products that are rich in fiber. Fiber reduces levels of bad cholesterol, cleanses your intestines and protects from some types of cancer. Besides these products are filling and they help to lose extra weight. Fiber relieves hunger and is low in calories. You can find fiber in legumes, sea cabbage, oats, bran, fruits and vegetables.

4. Use bread and pastries in moderation, choose dark bread instead.

5. Drink mild green tea. It helps to reduce blood pressure and sugar level in the blood.



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