5 ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer

5 ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer

Currently there are over 100 types of cancer. Men usually suffer from lung, liver, stomach and intestinal cancer and women – from breast, lung, stomach, colon and cervical cancer. Almost every day we hear about new scientific researches about some foods or habits that affect development of cancer. Here are 5 ways that will reduce the risk of getting cancer:

1. Maintain minimum body mass index (BMI). According to doctors the optimal BMI of a healthy adult is 18.5-25. However, scientific researches have shown that the higher BMI is, the bigger risk to get cancer. For this reason you should try to keep your BMI under 22.

2. Physical activity. Exercise at least for 30 minutes per day. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can replace it with one hour of other physical activity. According to the experts, 150 minutes of physical activity per week, for example, aerobics, reduces the risk of getting cancer.

3. No fat and no sugar. The researchers found a link between bad nutrition and developing cancer. They recommend minimizing the amount of animal fats, refined sugar and eating more healthy, low in fat food.

4. Fruits and vegetables every day. If you add a wide range of fruits and vegetables to your menu, you will highly reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. The best vegetables to prevent cancer are spinach and broccoli.

5. Say no to red meat. That is not a mandatory part of your menu. Reduce it to minimum.



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