6 products to improve your mood

6 products to improve your mood

Every of us experience days when without any reason you start feeling sad. On such days, you either want to stay away from everyone and do nothing or get angry on the entire world.

However, there are ways to deal with that. If you know what products to eat, this can do miracles. So, here are some foods that may help you during the days of sadness.

1. Wholemeal bread. It’s rich in amino acids which are involved in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for a good mood. It is called a hormone of happiness and joy. Due to the lack of serotonin you may suffer from various diseases, like depression, insomnia, migraine. Each morning eat couple of slices of wholemeal bread.

2. Oranges and grapefruits. Bad temper and irritability may appear because of a lack of vitamin C. A few oranges per day will help you to forget what is fatigue, nervousness or sadness.

3. Turkey and chicken. Turkey and chicken (even tuna) have low fat proteins that are rich in tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid that increases energy and helps to cope with environmental, psychosocial and physical stress.

4. Seafood. Seafood has lots of selenium, a mineral that causes good mood. It will provide you with more energy and reduce the feeling of anxiety. However, if you take selenium as a dietary supplement, do not exceed 100 mcg. Too high dose of selenium can cause anxiety, nervousness, pain in the abdomen, it can also damage your nails.

5. Bananas. The lack of magnesium is directly related to stress, so doctors recommend using magnesium. The natural source of it is bananas. If you don’t like this fruit, eat nuts, beans and leafy vegetables.

6. Water. Dehydration is known to cause fatigue, so make sure to drink sufficient amount of water. Adults should drink 8-9 glasses of water per day. Remember that drinks with caffeine act like diuretics and lead to dehydration.



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