7 factors important for beautiful hair

7 factors important for beautiful hair

There is no secret that almost every women dreams about beautiful and glossy hair. They are even ready to pay crazy money for dubious quality shampoos and masks that can hardly be effective if you don’t pay your attention to such factors:

Factor No 1: Regular diet. Our body needs a great variety of vitamins and trace elements. If any of them are missing, it results in hair condition’s deterioration. For this reason, it is necessary to be on a balanced diet.

Factor No 2: Healthy way of life. Fresh air, normal quantity of sleep, stressless lifestyle has a positive effect on hair.

Factor No 3: The frequency of hair washing. Beautiful hair means the hair which is clean. However, it is not advisable to wash the hair every day because shampoo removes heir natural protection. It’s recommended to wash the hair every third day.

Factor No 4: Hair hygiene. For hair, it’s very useful to wash them under the contrast shower. The highest possible temperature should be 37- 40 degrees, the lowest – anything you can only resist. It is also advisable to wash the scalp twice – first time – to remove dust and grease, the second – feed your hair with useful components.

Factor No 5: The proper care. It must be chosen according to your hair type. It is not advisable to use shampoo for all hair types, because such shampoos contain low-quality components that can cause harm.

Factor No 6: Correct drying. It’s not recommended to dry your hair with the hair dryer immediately after washing them off. Firstly, dry your hair with the towel and let them dry naturally. If you have in a hurry, keep a distance from the dryer and set the lowest temperature.

Factor No 7: Pay attention to hair formation rules. If you use a hair dryer or straightener every day, it would be naive to expect that you can avoid damaged hair. This does not mean that you must completely avoid them – just use them as rare as possible.


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