7 rules you should steal from thin people

7 rules you should steal from thin people

Step on the scale

Weighting yourself to control your weight is the most powerful motivator for eating less and exercising more. According to one research, when you know your weight and its changes, you are motivated to keep it stable. So, clean your scale from dust and start weighting every morning!

Drink tea

Women with the highest intake of tea easily accelerate fat burning processes and also gain less weight than those who choose other drinks. That’s because of catechins, antioxidants that you can find in tea. Before choosing, remember that the highest level of these valuable substances is in white and green tea.

Workout in the morning

Start working out in the morning with an empty stomach. It has been proved that making you body sweat before your working hours improves the tolerance of glucose what makes your body start burning fat instead of consuming it.

Have a breakfast

It’s an old true that you have to start your day with breakfast. Eating something in the morning is not only a good thing for your health but it’s also good for your lines. According to one research, those who have breakfast have waistline about 2 inches smaller than those who skip eating in the morning. Food which you get in the morning improves metabolism processes minimize bad cholesterol levels.

Eat slowly

In order to create more fullness hormones and eat less to stay slim, start eating your food slowly and steadily. Try to get rid of all distractions, like TV, radio or computer and give at least 30 minutes for one eating. Soon you will notice more pleasure when eating.

Be precise

Start eating on the same time every day. Those people who are thin say that this ritual makes their body schedule its food intake and boost metabolism because their body prepares itself for a new portion. Besides, doctors say that body starts burning more sugar and fat what helps speed weight loss processes.



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