7 things that may lead to digestive problems

7 things that may lead to digestive problems

Digestion is a complex and important process that supports our existence. It is very easy to disrupt and very difficult to restore. Here are some that may initiate problems with digestion for you:


Though it sounds surprising, injuries may initiate digestion problems. These include the abdomen, pregnancy (internal organs are made to change their place in order to make some room for growing baby) and even excessive compression problems. All these injuries disturb normal work of the stomach and cause discomfort. The most important thing is to protect the stomach from external factors and consult the doctor about the discomfort wihtout any delay.

Poor quality water

There are numerous harmful impurities and materials found in water that affect our digestive tract more than an unbalanced diet.

Dental Health

Considerable damage can be made to our stomach by unhealthy teeth. They are a source of toxins that can cause gastritis.

Unbalanced diet

You should try to swallow just a piece of bread in the morning if you don’t have much time for your breakfast because that’s the important thing to keep your digestion normal. For your lunch, try to prepare in advance a sandwich and eat at least two spoons of soup from 14 to 17 PM.

Sleep problems and insomnia

When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, fatigue eventually initiates health problems. You should dedicate at least 7 hours for your sleep adding 20-30 minutes for falling asleep and waking up. Besides, keep in mind that the most beneficial sleep is until the midnight.


Stomach is sensitive to our fears, jealousy and aggression while long term of stress may cause gastritis.



They are everywhere and our digestive tract is not set to feel when when they are living inside. Besides, they tend to multiply! In order to avoid them, always wash hands before eating, wash fruits and vegetables and wear the gloves when working in the garden. Note that doctors recommend checking the body for parasites every two years.


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