7 ways to avoid food poisoning?

7 ways to avoid food poisoning?

During the year, 5.5 million of people get infected by food. How to protect yourself? Here are 7 ways to protect yourself and your family from this sneaky disease.

1. Though it may sound surprising, dirty kitchen sink can be the harbor for more bacteria than your toilet. Wet kitchen towels are an ideal place for bacteria distribution, so you should regularly change them, wash the sink and work to make your surfaces clean.

2. Steaks from the grill can be a risky venture because of the under cooked meat, flies and heat. Use cold packs to store your meat before grilling and make sure you don’t keep your cooked food in the same containers that you used for storing raw meat.

3. Hands is the nest for bacteria that can easily infect food. However, only about 35% of adults wash their hands before touching food. In order to get poisoned with food, wash hands for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and hot water. Remove your rings as well because they can also cover bacteria.

4. Cutting boards, even the plastic ones, can collect bacteria, so wash them thoroughly after using and always use separate boards for raw and prepared foods. The ones that seem to be too defective must be removed from your kitchen.

5. Store the products properly. As soon as you purchase food, place the products in the fridge and freezer. Other ones should be kept in a dry, cool place. After the expiry date, you should never try reconsidering if they are safe to use.

6. One fly can carry 2 million bacteria, including microbes that can be found in excrements. Do not eat products were touched by flies. Cover the food to avoid getting infected.

7. Dirty cans can infect the food, so change the opener regularly to id infecting your food. Before opening a box, clean it carefully.


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