A handful of nuts every day

A handful of nuts every day

Almond nuts

When compared with other nuts, almonds are impressive. They are rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. These nuts are useful for patients suffering from pulmonary disease or constipation. Containing selenium, almonds also reduce the toxicity of cigarettes’ smoke so these nuts should be eaten by those who smoke.


These nuts are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce inflammation of the skin. In addition, walnuts strengthen the immune system and help in fighting against of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Because of magnesium, you can improve your physical and mental health, including heart, blood vessels, muscles and nervous system activity.


Hazelnuts are rich in phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium. Vitamins B and E that you can also get from these nuts will strengthen hair and improve the condition of the skin. If you want to avoid heart disease, reduce cholesterol level, strengthen the bones, and improve digestion, you should also eat hazelnuts. Recent research has shown that calcium is an effective weapon against high blood pressure, heart pain, premenstrual syndrome and bowel cancer.

Cashew nuts

cashew nuts are rich in iron and contain about 5.60 mg. Iron is necessary and important to strengthen the nervous system function, so you are vegetarian you should pay attention to the fact that cashew nuts can replace the meat. By the way, nutritionists advise eating cashew with orange juice, because then iron absorption is improved. These nuts are particularly useful for women and their different life periods – pregnancy, when growing babies, suffering from monthly climacteric period and so on.

Energetic value: almonds – 580 calories, cashew nuts – 585 calories, pistachios – 610 calories, hazelnuts – 658 calories, walnuts – 569 calories.

According to the recent studies, nuts are sufficiently useful and reduce the risk of heart disease. Because that nuts have many calories, they should be used moderately. Walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds can be included into various salads, eaten instead of fatty meat, butter and cheese but not together with them. Only a handful of nuts is recommended to eat per day.


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