A lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis

A lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis

Calcium deficiency can show up at pretty yong age – 30-35 years old. It can then lead to osteoporosis – a disease when bones become very weak and can break easily. Some breaks of bones can lead to surgeries. When the bone heals, it still does not function the same way as a healthy one. Ostoporosis can also lead to back pain which hapens because your spine finds it too difficult to carry your weight.

Calcium is is quickly used during pregnancy, if you have stress, diabetes as well as bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Besides, if you have a lack of calcium during your pregnancy it is very likely that the baby will can have smaller mass of bones that it should.

Bones are constatnly renewing. However, the mass of bones can start reducing or increasing. This mostly happen because of a wrong diet. Lots of people are trying to lose weight so they do not eat properly which cause danage to their health.

Vitamin D is not less important. It is responsable for formation of bones and nerve system. As you know vitamin D synthesis needs the sun. So do not forget to walk outside when the sun is shining.

How to know is osteoporosis has started to develop?

The first sign is pain in back and neck area. If you have leg cramps, if your nails crack that can also be a sign of a lack of calcium. You should visit the doctor to know the density of your bones if you notice any of these symptoms.



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