Advices how to lose weight from all over the world

Advices how to lose weight from all over the world

Different nations have different traditions. Some countries even have spcial principles which help people to maintain the desired weight.

Japanease believe that good health and beautiful body depends on eating in moderation. Slim japanease women claim that thay have to leave the table when they still feel a little hunger. This also helps to mainain good overall feeling. Everyone knows that when we overeat we often feel a bit sleepy.

Italian eating rules are different. They are based on eating food rich in fiber. Fiber reduces a feeling of hunger. Traditional Italian products such as cereals or leguminous vegetables have lots of fiber. Remember that Mediterranian diet was created based on Italian diets. UNESCO has recently announced this diet as a global human achievment.

Chinese people always eat soup before eating. If not, they have two glasses of watter before the main meal. Liquid fills your stomach and gives a feeling of satiety.

French eat often but in small portions. Such habit accelerates metabolism and this allows burning lots of calories. Therefore, you can eat4-5 times per day and stay in a good shape.

Indians follow Ayurveda – a system of traditionl medicine native to India. According to it, human body assimilates food optimally if we eat at the day time. They have big lunch and practically don’t eat anything for dinner.


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