Avoiding metabolic slowdown

Avoiding metabolic slowdown

You will probably be surprised to learn that all the products, believed to be capable to enhance our metabolic system is a myth, initiated by different dietary product makers and marketing services. Although there are several products that help us in faster calorie burning, such as chili, cold water and green tea, the results are poor and they should be considered as secondary, not the primary, fat-burning tools. However, small changes in your diet plan are inevitable if you want to lose some weight. The most important secret that will help you to speed up your metabolism is never ‘breaking’ it.

The biggest mistake of all the people that are trying to have better shapes is that they rapidly and drastically reduce the amount of calorie intake. Because of that, their body starts saving up the calories in order to prevent starving.

In order to avoid the changes in metabolism after changing the menu, nutrition experts recommend changing the type of carbohydrates you are consuming. Eating green leafy vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains and
other foods having low-glycemic index accelerates metabolism processes in your body. In addition, you should avoid high-glycemic carbs such as processed grains, rice cakes, potatoes, white rice, drinks with artificial sweeteners and others.

That has been proved by a study which included two groups of people – those who followed a diet of low glycemic index carbs and those who followed a diet based on high-glycemic index carbs. Accroding to this
research, it has been found that those who followed a diet of high glycemic index food suffered from a bigger slow down in their metabolic system. According to the study, high glycemic index food decreases our metabolism by 10% when the low-glycemic index diet decreases our metabolism only by 4%.

In order to make your metabolic processes faster, you should slowly decrease the amount of calories you consume, have more physical activity (ideally, it should be 6 times a week of lifting weights and interval training) and follow the low glycemic diet. It will be much more effective than eating chilli pepper each time you eat.


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