Bananas instead of antidepressants

Bananas instead of antidepressants

Do you complain that you probably lack of vitamins, because of gloomy mood and a lack of energy? Eat a banana!

This exotic fruit is known as antidepressant and stimulant not by accident. Bananas provide energy to your nervous system, reduce blood pressure, regulate digestion and strengthen heart muscle.

Compared with apples, bananas have four times more proteins, two times more hydrocarbons, three times more phosphorus, five times more iron and vitamin A. Bananas contain sugar, starch, malic acid, fiber, and various trace elements. They are rich in potassium, iron, people suffering from heart problems or anemia should definitely choose these fruit. Different enzymes promote absorption of carbohydrates, improve mental functioning, strengthen nervous system, and increase resistance to stress.

Bananas are valued by the athletes. Eat two bananas and you will have energy to work out intensively for 90 minutes.

Bananas also have a number of physiologically active substances: serotonin, norpinefrino, dopamine and catecholamine. These active fibers help to maintain normal bowel habits, prevent constipation, and reduce acidity in stomach ulcer. Bananas are useful to treat various liver diseases, gastric and intestinal disorders.

Do you want to lose some weight? Bananas contain tryptophan which promotes release of “happiness hormones”, helps to maintain a good mood, get rid of depression and even lose some weight. Japanese scientists claim that some substances in bananas help to clean body, and maintain desired weight. The diet is very simple: you should eat bananas in the morning for your breakfast. Bananas will make you feel full, they will also accelerate digestive processes and degradation of fats.



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