Be beautiful as Cleopatra

Be beautiful as Cleopatra

Rumors about Cleopatra’s beauty have been spreading around since the ancient times. The most beautiful part in her beauty was her healthy-looking skin that, according to various sources, was pampered by only two simple ingredients – honey and milk. These products are considered to be universal when trying to improve the beauty of the face, hair and body. Besides, they have an amazing smell.

If you also want to feed your skin with natural substances, make the honey – milk bath. Just mix honey with a small cup of hot (not boiling!) milk and pour the mixture into a bath filled with 36-37 °C water. Stay there for about 15 minutes. Modern Cleopatra’s beauty recipes advise to replace the milk with the milk powder that easily dissolves in water and has the same great impact on our skin and its beauty.

Before having a bath, Cleopatra was also rubbing her body with a mixture of sea salt and heavy cream, so you can also use this recipe. Just mix 200 grams of the sea salt and half of the cup of the heavy cream. This procedure helps to remove the dead cells of the skin, opens the pores, while water with milk and honey nourishes, refreshes and softens it.

For the face, mix equal proportions of milk and honey and spread this mixture over your face. Keep for 30 minutes additionally and rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable for any type of the skin. In addition, you can also try this mask: mix equal parts of clay, honey, sour cream and add few drops of lemon juice. Spread it over your face next and wait for 20 minutes. Wash the mask with warm water and feel how clean and whitened is your skin.


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