Benefits of eggs that you didn’t know about

Benefits of eggs that you didn’t know about

Although you may have heard that we shouldn’t eat more than 2 egg yolks per week because of high content of cholesterol, but today lets talk about benefits of eggs. And is it really true that you have to be very careful not to eat too many eggs.

Eggs are great for your eyes. It may be hard to believe, but eggs can protect against eye diseases such as yellow spots. Studies have also shown that people who eat eggs every day rarely develop cataracts.

One egg contains 9 grams if high quality protein and 9 amino acids. Harvard studies have shown that eating eggs is not related to hear diseases. Contrary, eating eggs regularly may help to prevent blood clots and even heart stroke.

Eggs are a great source of choline which improves memory, prevents hair loss and protects liver. One egg yolk contains 300 mg of choline. Recommended daily intake is 425 grams for women and 550 grams for men. Eggs are not fat. One egg contains only 5 grams of fat mad 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

New studies have shown that we shouldn’t restrict the intake of eggs that badly. We can actually eat 2 eggs per day instead of 2 eggs per week.

Eggs contain vitamin D and help to prevent breast cancer. There was a study that has shown that women who eat 6 eggs per week, reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in 44 per cent. What is more, people who include eggs into their diet, soon notice that their hair start growing much faster.


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