Benefits of eucalyptus

Benefits of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is often called a plant that has magic powers. This title was given because of its healing qualities. Eucalyptus oil that is abstracted from eucalyptus leaves is used to strengthen our health. Nowadays eucalyptus essential oil is found in many inhaled preparations, nasal drops, toothpastes and mouth rinse fluids.

Eucalyptus is grown in Tasmania, Australia and Mediterranean countries. Aborigines used this plant for healing various illnesses and diseases, especially those related to airway illnesses. They were making cigarettes from the leaves of eucalyptus and smoked them in order to relieve bronchitis and other diseases. Currently people use eucalyptus decoction, tincture and essential oil.

Essential oil can be used suffering from joint and muscle inflammation. Eucalyptus decoction is very effective for relieving airway inflammation.

Eucalyptus, or especially eucalyptus inhalations have mitigating expectorant properties. They soften dry cough laryngitis, tracheitis and chronic respiratory tract infections.

Eucalyptus oil is included in many cosmetics. It strengthens hair roots, nourishes scalp and slows down hair loss. Eucalyptus oil is great in healing dandruff. Essential oils of eucalyptus are widely used in perfumery for its gentle flavor that reminds of smell of roses.




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