Breakfast mistakes that doesn‘t allow you to lose weight

Breakfast mistakes that doesn‘t allow you to lose weight

Do you feel hungry very quickly after your breakfast? It is indeed hard to lose weight if your stomach is rumbling and requiring food. Just don‘t start thinking that you should skip breakfast at all as it makes your stomach bigger. The problem is not about breakfast itself but about the products you choose for breakfast.

Too little protein. No time to cook in the morning? Cereal with milk looks like a great option? It is tasty and seems to be healthy but you feel hungry very soon. The problem is that cereal is carbohydrate and milk is protein. Protein takes longer to be burned than carbohydrates, so you should think of what could replace cereal. Maybe you should try eating cottage cheese?

Too little fiber. If you want to feel full for longer, try to use less sugar as it promotes faster digestion. This is one more proof that cereal is not the best choice, especially if they contain sugar. Instead, choose products that contain fiber. Such products swell in your stomach and helps you to stay full for longer. The choice to get fiber is great: bran, grains, peas and beans, green vegetables, lettuce. Or maybe you should try eating buckwheat?

Too little food. Maybe you only eat a yogurt or an apple in the morning? However, this is not real breakfast. Maybe it seems that you are full, but don‘t be surprised if you have any stomach issues. The best thing is to consume 300-400 calories for breakfast, just make sure they do not come from fat.



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