Modern mother knows that her breast milk is the perfect food for the baby. Unfortunately, mother’s milk is still seen only as a food and other important facts are forgotten. Modern society forgets that eating from the breast is essential for the baby because of the bond which appears. Many professionals, doctors, psychologists and consultants, recommend stopping to follow the popular principle which offers to feed the baby according to a strict schedule and advice listening to the child’s needs. So, where is the truth and how much food the baby should get? Doctors have announced such schedule:

According to them, babies younger than 3 months need to be breastfed 10-12 times a day and 2-4 times a night. There should also be some short periods of feeding.  After one month baby stops eating so much and starts asking for the breast just before going to sleep and when he wakes up during his sleep. Mother should pay attention that eating turns into a rather precise schedule.

5 months old baby eats 8-10 times a day and 2-3 times a night on average. Mothers will start noticing that when her child reaches 6 months their breastfeeding schedule will change a lot – baby will start asking for the milk only 2 -3 hours before he wakes up in the morning. Daily eating will be distributed in two periods and the baby will start asking some new foods.
Another change in the breastfeeding has been noticed to be when baby reaches his 8th month because now he becomes very active and spends all the day studying and knowing the world. During the day he asks 6-8 meals and during a night – 6 times. Note that when the child becomes scared or hurts himself, he can be calmed down by feeding.

On the 11th month baby can safely try some different food but he still thinks that only milk is the real food. This transition to adult’s food may be a quite hard thing, so when the baby gets another for food, it is necessary to attach him to your chest. Additionally, baby still asks being breastfed before and after his sleep but after some restrictions mother can decrease this need. As you can see, baby is an important part of the mother which is closely related.


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