Calcium for strong teeth and bones

Calcium for strong teeth and bones

In order to enjoy bright and beautiful teeth and strong bones you should use more products that contain calcium.  1500 milligrams per day should be enough. To find out if you need extra calcium you should do a blood test. Anyway, you will not do any harm to your body if you add some products that contain calcium to your diet.

Everybody knows that the main source of calcium is milk. However, the researchers have proven that natural yoghurt contains more calcium than milk itself.  Eating yoghurt also provides your body with zinc, vitamin D and B group vitamins. Those who cannot eat or drink dairy products, as a substitute can try tofu cheese which is also rich in calcium.

Don’t forget that a great option for breakfast is oatmeal. Just add some boiling water on your oats and wait for 10 minutes instead of cooking them. Oatmeal prepared in this way contains more calcium. Other sources of calcium: cabbage, orange juice, rice, buckwheat, sardines and salmon.

Be healthy and enjoy a beautiful smile and strong bones!


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