Carbonated beverages and their harm

Carbonated beverages and their harm

Coca Cola is an incredibly popular drink that is well-known by everyone all around the world. The consumption of this drink is enormous – more than one quarter of beverages that are bought every day in the world is Cola! During this century, this carbonated liquid which is flavored with sugar, caffeine and coca leaf extract has become not only a drink but also a form of communication.

However, nutritionists warn that cola and other carbonated beverages are rich in calories what leads to obesity, tooth decay, weakened bones and caffeine addiction. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between children who drink this soda drinks and obesity. One of the most ingredients of Coca Cola is caffeine. As we know, caffeine affects human’s central nervous system what additionally leads to increased irritability, mood swings, sleep problems or even insomnia. Experts also warn that carbonated soft drinks contain acids and chemicals that can cause digestive disorders and acid-base balance disturbances in the body. 

According to the latest researches, fizzy drinks (dietary as well!) have a great variety of preservatives, sweeteners and may cause cancer. They have also revealed that carbonated drinks are vey harmful for children and young people because they additionally may initiate addiction to this drink and lead people to overweight and other health problems. As a result, some countries have been decided to prohibit the use of carbonated beverages in schools. Nutritionists highly recommend people to stop using carbonated drinks and start drinking juice, herbal teas or simple water instead.

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