Change your habits and you will lose weight

Change your habits and you will lose weight

Change your daily habits and in few weeks you will be able to enjoy nicer belly, smooth skin and good mood.

• Stop chewing chewing-gum as you get air to your stomach and your belly looks bigger.

• Every day eat some yogurt. It improves digestion.

• Get a tea spoon of flaxseed every day.

• Avoid salt as it keeps water in your body and your belly will look bigger.

• Eat slowly without any stress. Never eat when you are nervous.

• Avoid alcohol.

• Choose only freshly squeezed juice that has no sugar added.

• Anti-cellulite creams should be used not only on your legs but also on your abdomen.

• If you have problems with digestion, massage your belly with lavender and lemon oils and you will soon feel that your stomach digests much easier.



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