“Chemical calories” in beauty products

“Chemical calories” in beauty products

The most common causes of gaining weight are genes, a large amount of the calories consumed and no physical activities. You cannot choose your parents but you can change your eating habits or start exercising. However, there are people who put lots of efforts to get in shape but they still have problems. So maybe food and lack of sports are not the main reasons of gaining weight? For these reasons researchers started looking for other causes of this and they decided to test beauty products. It turned out that the main perpetrators are shampoos, body lotions and soaps.

Synthetic substances which are included in many cosmetic products and also household cleaners, phthalates are also responsible for gaining weight. They violate a natural hormone balance in our bodies. Using phthalates every day can be associated with children obesity and adult weight problems. The researchers have analyzed urine of children and they noticed that urine of overweighted children had more phthalates.

Phthalates are wildly used cosmetics, cleaning products and even plastic bottles. These products have been used for years but only recently people started talking about health problems related to using these products.

Another substance – bisphenol A is also used in production of various dishes and plastic bottles. This substance also has chemical calories. Bisphenol A adversely affects hormones that regulate body functions. It inhibits testosterone levels which creates a risk of gaining weight.

Women who eat low-fat foods may have a particularly negative impact of these chemicals. Decreasing the amount of fats consumed often leads to skin dryness. This means that they start using more moisturizers: various lotions, butters, creams and oils and this way they get chemical calories through the skin.



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