Chew longer to help your stomach

Chew longer to help your stomach

We all know that food should always be well-chewed and we should eat slowly. But how often do we actually do it this way? Do you know how to enjoy each bite? If you have digestion problems, do not blame the food. Probably it’s your own fault.

Why do we need to chew well? Even before putting the first bite into your mouth we have sensors close to our nose that send signals to the stomach and intestines. When they get these signals, the stomach and intestines begin to produce acids, alkalis, and enzymes that help to absorb all necessary nutrients and digest all the food. If the stomach is not ready in advance, the digestive process will take longer, and you will feel heavy after eating. The first tip if you want to eat healthy – let yourself to enjoy the smell of food and let your body to have time to prepare.

A few useful tips:

1. Before eating food, sit and smell the food just for a few minutes. Have some time to produce saliva that will help to moisten and chew food.

2. Eat small bites, this will help you to chew the food easier.

3. Chew every mouthful until it completely shredded.

4. Take your time to eat. Chew one bite you can wait a few or even several seconds before putting more food into your mouth. This way you will eat less, but you will feel full.

5. Eating should be a pleasure for you, rather than just getting filled.




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