Chocolate and diet. Are these two compatible?

Chocolate and diet. Are these two compatible?

For years chocolate lovers are dreaming about nutritionist who would let eat chocolate or at least tell about the tricks that would help to lose weight even eating chocolate. The task is quite difficult knowing that cocoa bean contain 50% of fat known as cocoa butter. Chocolate is made from these cocoa beans. Cocoa butter’s composition is more similar to animal fat that plant fat. For this reason it becomes hard at room temperature.

So is it realistic to think that chocolate can help to lose weight? The thing is that fatty acids of cocoa help for the accumulation of cholesterol and it also fills in our cells of fat. At the same time, other components of cocoa beans are actually beneficial and they help to lose weight:

Caffeine and theobromine increase our metabolism.

Phenethylamines improve our mood and prevent depression.

Chocolate flavanols attack free radicals and protect our body against the aging processes. Flavanols provide chocolate brown color.

The logical conclusion is that the darker the chocolate the higher are its antioxidant properties and the more beneficial it is for us. Nutritionists say that the ideal chocolate is bitter dark chocolate that contains over 70% of cocoa, and has minimum quantity of fat and sugar. So if you prefer white chocolate or milk chocolate, you should remember that they will not have that many beneficial properties. Even the most advanced nutritionists recommend eating these chocolates every day just make sure you choose the right kind of it and eat it in moderation.




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