Cinnamon may be harmful for you!

Cinnamon may be harmful for you!

Children and women can’t live without cakes, pastries and other sweet goodies that in most cases include cinnamon. However, the overdose of this spice may initiate serious health problems to you, so read the following article to avoid this:

Cinnamon is the spice obtained from the similarly named trees’ inner peel. It is used in sweet and savory dishes. However, some types of cinnamon, for example, cassia cinnamon or cinamonum aromaticum, also known as Chinese Cinnamon, accumulate coumarin which is a dangerous material, posing a huge damage for people who are especially sensitive with their liver. That’s why Chinese Cinnamon should be used with moderation. In a meanwhile, in Ceylon cinnamon the relatively small amounts of coumarin are found.

When trying to distinguish the type of cinnamon, in can be said that it’s almost impossible to know which one of them is Ceylon cinnamon and which one is from China when we see only powdered cinnamon. However, both of these species can be distinguished when they are in a form of sticks. Chinese cinnamon has a relatively thick layer and it is twisted into stick, while Ceylon cinnamon looks more like a cigarette – some thin layers of its skin are wrapped in a cinnamon stick. By the way, the product label sometimes won’t show you the true origin.

If have previously consumed large quantities of cinnamon, there is no reason to worry about that you have damaged your liver. Patients, who got low or moderate liver inflammation which was caused by coumarin, recovered within a few weeks. However, when in a preparation for various events, it’s recommended eating foods containing the cinnamon with moderation. For children, doctors recommend eating no more than three cinnamon biscuits a day. Adults should eat no more than 15 cinnamon biscuits a day.


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