Cleanse your face properly

Cleanse your face properly

If you cleanse your face properly, you will be able to forget about Botox injections and firming creams for much longer.

Try washing your face with cooled boiled water mixed with 1 teaspoon of baking soda or lemon juice for 1 liter of water. You should wash your face twice per day, morning and night. Washing your face at night seems to be obvious as you have to remove your make up and wash all dust that set on your face throughout the day. However, washing your face in the morning is very important too as dust and oils accumulate over the night too and they most be removed.

First of all, you have to know your skin type – dry, normal, oily or combination. Dry and normal skin should be washed just with water in the morning, without using any soap. Once per week you should use soap. If your skin is oily, you should use soap every time you wash your face. Also try using tomato juice to clean oily skin. If your skin is normal you can make a tea from oregano or lime buds. Wait until it cools and use it instead of water.

If your skin is sensitive and scaly, try washing it with chamomile or green tea. Also you can add some milk to water and wash your face with it. This will make your skin extra soft. If you suffer from acne, wash it with mint tea. You can also make ice cubes from mint tea and rub your face with them in the morning. It will refresh your face straight away.

The main rule for beautiful skin is taking care of it regularly. We promise that you will see the results very quickly, just don’t be lazy and don’t get bored about taking care of your skin.


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