Coffee and calories

Coffee and calories

Coffee is the drink which is common in our everyday life. Though after various researches it has been found that coffee makes us feel more energetic, it has become a fashion. Enriched with various syrups, flavors and spices, people got ability to improve its taste according to everyone’s needs. However, together with additives, it is also enriched with more calories. This drink has a great variety of useful materials, so consumed with moderation it becomes useful: it has flavonoids that act as antioxidants and has zero calories if we drink it naturally. Latte is the most calorific type of coffee which value is equal to the portion of the palm-sized serving of chicken breast.

It‘s almost normal that we drink the coffee with milk. From medical view, adding a splash of milk is beneficial because it has a calcium-lowering effect. However, in order to enrich our body with calcium and keep your body fit, we should use skim milk. Keep in mind that for latte it is usually used fat milk, because it is prettier and tastier to blend foam. Here is the start of the calorie bomb: spoon of low-fat milk has only 5 calories, but a portion of traditional latte coffee has about 220 calories. It would be 3-4 apples or a palm-sized serving of chicken breast. Other popular type of coffee, cappuccino, has fewer calories – a cup of cappuccino with a teaspoon of sugar contains about 150 calories.

In addition, coffee is enriched not only with milk but with other accessories. For example, cinnamon is safe – this spice has no calories. However, a teaspoon of chocolate will give you 10-20 calories.


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