Coffee can help to avoid cervical cancer

Coffee can help to avoid cervical cancer

Every day we hear numerous pros and cons about the coffee. Though most of the time coffee is blamed for heart diseases, it seems like it can help to avoid developing cancer. According to Swedish study, if a woman drinks at least two cups of coffee a day, she can decrease the risk of developing cervical cancer. Consumption of coffee filled with caffeine helps to fight against uterine cancer in particular for those women who are overweight and have overweight, notes one of the authors of this study Emilie Friberg from one of Institutes in Stockholm.

Scientists have tested more than 60.000 of Swedish women who like to drink coffee. Being included in a 1987-1990s national mammography program, they revealed their eating and drinking habits. The second nutritional survey was conducted in 1997. On average, over 17 years of monitoring there was about 1% of women who had an uterine cancer, while the average age of patients was 67 years old. Researchers claim that they found that women who drink two or more cups of coffee per day can help themselves to reduce the risk of developing cancer when comparing with those women who drink less coffee. In addition, each additional cup of coffee per day has been linked by scientists with 10% lower risk of uterine cancer.

The greatest impact of coffee consumption has been noticed for overweight or obese women. Study reports that each additional cup of coffee helped for overweight women to decrease the risk of uterine cancer by 12 % and for obese – 20 %. Scientists believe that coffee affects sugar content, fat cells and estrogen levels in human’s blood – everything what initiates the cervical cancer. However, they also claim that there should be initiated more studies, based on the coffee that has no caffeine. That will help to reveal real effects of caffeine.


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