Computer eye problems

Computer eye problems

Doctors claim, that nowadays is almost impossible to find a person who works at the computer and has no problems with his eyes. Persistent or recurrent ocular fatigue, pain, redness, dryness, brightness problems are the main symptoms that occur even after a couple of hours of using the PC.

Our eyes get tired because we constantly look at the small objects, such as flashing letters and numbers, when working at the PC. Dry eye syndrome leads to discomfort because we simply forget to blink what is especially important because blinking helps to prevent the cornea from drying out, irritation and discomfort.

According to experts, the main symptoms of eye fatigue should be considered the slower visual focus from the close to distant objects and the ‘sand‘ effect when moving your eyes. Dry eyes can also initiate tears and start to reject contact lenses.

To avoid this problem, you should avoid not only a heavy workload, but artificial lighting or inadequate distance from the monitor as well. The distance from your computer‘s desktop should be not less than 60-70 centimeters. However, in order to protect your eyes from fatigue, it is appropriate to use a computer as little as you can. It is also very important to have regular breaks – about every 20 minutes – to allow your eyes to get some rest: in the beginning, blink more frequently while turning your head to different directions. Then close your eyes and massage them for a bit with your fingertips. Besides, eye dryness can also be initiated by the dust that usually accumulates on the screen, so start wiping up it regularly.


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