Cucumbers can help to lose weight

Cucumbers can help to lose weight

The first who started appreciating cucumbers were Indians and Egyptians. Later they became popular all around the world. Even though cucumbers are really popular, their nutritive value is quite modest. They have only few vitamins and minerals. However, cucumbers contain special enzymes that help our body to absorb animal proteins. Therefore, experts recommend eating meat and fish together with salad that contains cucumbers.

You can eat cucumbers fresh or pickled. However, you should remember that pickled cucumbers are less valuable. 95 per cents of cucumber weight is water which means that they have detoxifying properties. Cucumbers are very low in calories. One kilogram of them contains 150 kcal.

Some people like cucumber diet in order to cleanse their bodies. They eat 1-1.5 kilogram of cucumbers per day and nothing else. Nutritionists advise eating one cucumber before each meal as that improves food intake.

Cucumbers are great for those who have kidney, heart, skin diseases, diabetes, urolithiasis and overweighed people. Did you know that cucumbers kill germs and reduce high body temperature? This vegetable is also great is you want to improve your memory and strengthen your heart.



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