Cystitis is the unpleasant inflammation of the urinary tract caused by colon bacillus. It can also be the cause of ureplazma, chlamydia, candida fungal bacteria and other infections resulting in a sharp, burning pain in lower abdomen and frequent visiting of your bathroom. This really unpleasant disease must be taken care of because if not treated, the inflammation can also reach the kidneys what can lead to very serious consequences.

In most of the cases, cystitis is caused by cold which provokes spasms in the blood vessels. Additionally, this reduces the immune protection against infections and initiates cystitis. This infection is often caused by too tight underwear or pants, as well as prolonged sitting, constipation, lack of personal hygiene.

Women suffer from cystitis much often than men, because their urethra is short and wide and infection becomes capable to get in much easier than in men. As soon as you feel the first symptoms of cystitis, you should contact your doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. Otherwise, the disease may be complicated. One of the most famous natural treatments for getting rid of cystitis is cranberry juice. In the past it was believed that it prevents the bacteria from attaching to the urinary bladder wall and enhances the powers of antibiotics. However, today’s professionals are more likely to believe that such acidic scrubbing can only enhance inflammation in the bladder and that cranberry juice acts like salt on the wound.

Important: Cystitis has been also found to be result not only after the cold of legs or abdomen, but it can also be cause by cold of hands, so make sure you wear gloves when weather begins to cool down.


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