Dangerous products in your fridge

Dangerous products in your fridge

American scientists have announced products list which reveals products most frequently causing food poisoning. It’s quite controversial that these potentially dangerous products can all be found in almost every refrigerator.

Black olives

Though it sounds quite unexpected, many supermarkets sell black olives that are actually the green ones painted with iron gluconate – black compound often used as an iron supplement. Of course, such olives have much less minerals or vitamins and may lead to iron overload.

Cooked Sausages

These products contain lots of “hidden” fat that usually are the causes of overweight and “bad” cholesterol level. When you buy cooked sausages, remember that they shouldn’t cost much cheaper than raw meat. The cheaper product is the more dangerous supplements it has.


These vegetables are known to be able to accumulate pathogenic microbes that cause numerous diseases. Be aware that they must be well cooked, especially when added to salad. In most cases, potatoes may contain salmonella, colon bacilli, and dysentery pathogens.

Crab sticks

As you know, crab sticks have been only named such and they mostly have no crab meat at all. They contain minced fish, shaped and cured to resemble snow crab legs, have salt, sugar, water. Sadly, but the nutritional value of the product is equal to zero.


Very often people get poisoned by greens. The biggest reason of this is bacteria and viruses that easily reproduce in the ground. Moreover, leaves and stems of the herbs are known to ccumulate harmful substances.

Smoked products

Smoked products are rich in carcinogens. In addition, most of them are really soaked to make them much cheaper but not healthier.


Various cheeses may also contain pathogens, especially if the product is manufactured at home from unpasteurized milk. U.S. experts warn that pregnant women should be aware that if eaten too often, feta, Brie and Camembert cheeses can be full of bacteria causing listeriosis – bacterial infection which can cause meningitis.


Among vegetables, tomatoes are the ones that mostly cause poisoning. The bacteria get inside this vegetable through the damaged skin. If you eat raw tomatoes, make sure it was washed properly. In most cases, tomatoes may be infected by salmonella and agents of norovirus that causes approximately 90% of epidemic non-bacterial outbreaks of gastroenteritis around the world.


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