Delicious and healthy yoghurt

Delicious and healthy yoghurt

According to one legend, people were growing many goats and sheep in ancient Mesopotamia. They were keeping milk in a warm place in cups made of pumpkins. After some time this milk was getting sour. Once a man has tried this milk and decided that it’s quite a good food. Nowadays people add special bacteria to the milk to make it sour. These bacteria produce lactose. Lactose is converted into lactic acid which gives milk a sour taste.

Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein and calcium. It also contains a number of B group vitamins. Yoghurt nourishes quenches and provides energy. Yoghurt is a great food for those people who poorly absorbs lactose as they don’t have enzymes that dissolves lactose. Plain milk for these people can cause stomach pain or diarrhea. However, yoghurt does not cause these unpleasant side effects.

Some studies have shown that yoghurt can stop diarrhea, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels and protect against some kinds of cancer. It also has positive impact for your immune system and body’s resistance to viruses. However, positive effects of yoghurt can be expected only after you use it for a long time.

Doctors recommend eating yoghurt if you had any treatment with antibiotics. This helps to restore balance of useful bacteria in a gut.

Yoghurt is a great choice for breakfast or lunch. You can also make various sauces, dressings and desserts with it.



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