10 causes of tooth decay

10 causes of tooth decay

We all know that dental health depends on how we eat and how we look after your mouth. Here are some causes of tooth decay.

  1. Stomach, liver, kidney diseases, as well as the endocrine and nervous systems disorders.
  2. Improper diet(snacking too often), and unbalanced diet(e.g., abuse of sweets).
  3. Week immune system determines overall decrease in body’s resistance to illness, and paves the way for triggers of microorganisms to penetrate into the interior.
  4. Due to a lack of solid foods(such as carrots,apples), there is no natural tooth cleaning.
  5. Lack of hydration.
  6. Irregular dentist visits.
  7. Human physiological features (such as a lack or of saliva, their composition and properties).
  8. Pregnancy, breast-feeding can weaken your teeth, so pregnant women should take calcium and vitamins.
  9. Heredity.
  10. Chronic stress causes vascular  spasms, blood circulation which can lead to tooth decay.

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