3 essential steps to keep your teeth healthy

3 essential steps to keep your teeth healthy

There is no doubt that brushing your teeth daily is the easiest way to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Other factors, such as dietary habits can also affect your teeth health. Experts offer to pay special attention to three dietary principles if you want to enjoy healthy teeth as soon as possible.

1. Drink water

The main cause of dental caries is a decrease of minerals in tooth enamel. A very common reason of that is eating fruits, drinking fruit juice, lemonade and others sweet drinks. Soft drinks not only contain various sweeteners, but also acids. These substances deplete tooth surfaces. Frequent consumption of sweet drinks makes enamel more porous and it wears out faster. In addition, simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, is a great medium for pathogenic bacteria, but this activity is accelerating the emergence of caries. Therefore, it is important to educate children to relieve thirst with water instead of sweet drinks.

Do not be fooled, although juice does not help your teeth health, hard fruits and vegetables are another story. Although they have a lot of natural sugar, they contain a large amount of water which dilutes the effect of sugar.

2. Stop constantly snacking

Although often unnoticed, sugar is in almost all dishes. So every time you eat, not only we get the energy, but our mouth and living microorganisms involved in the process of decomposition of sugar get this energy too.

The process of generating acid gradually does an irreparable damage to your teeth. To avoid this, you should not eat more than 4 times per day, make a break for 3-4 hours between each meal. During this time, critical processes in tooth enamel occurs and mineral balance is restored.

Regular small snacking also weakens your tooth enamel. This process is quite slow and usually you observe it when it is too late. Biscuits, gum, dried fruit or potato chips are common snacks.

However, there is a snack that can help prevent tooth decay, because it neutralizes acid produced by bacteria. A great example of this is aged cheese. At least they provide teeth with calcium and phosphorus.

3. Avoid cold or hot food

The contrasting temperature food is an old enemy of teeth. Very hot or very cold food and drink consumption leads to tooth pulp – pulp – inflammation. This can cause pain and tooth sensitivity. So, as we would like to enjoy ice cream with coffee.


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