Fizzy drinks can damage your teeth

Fizzy drinks can damage your teeth

According to Australian scientists, one sip of carbonated drinks can damage your teeth. This is especially dangerous for children, whose tooth enamel is not yet fully formed. Studies have shown that sweet fizzy drinks cause irreversible damage to the teeth if it stays in contact with teeth for 30 seconds and more.

According to dentists, they have a lot of patients suffering from dental erosion. It was noticed that a lot of children are suffering from tooth erosion, as they brush their teeth carelessly and drink a lot of sugary carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks have a very high amount of acids making it very easy to begin to dismantle dental tissues. Acids in the products attack the surface of teeth, wearing away enamel and, in extreme cases, eroding them to stumps. In addition, carbonated beverages, especially soft drinks, interfere with absorbtion of calcium.

Doctors recommend parents to limit the amount of carbonated sugary drinks and give more water to their children. If a child categorically refuses drinking water, it is better to give a little of unsweetened or sweetened juice or dilute juice with water.


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